Several years ago, Suzan Badgley, a professor of English in South Korea, was inspired  during her second visit to Bali to help support Wayan, an English speaking tour guide and dreamer.  He wanted to build a bird house and cultivate the nests carefully as to not harm the eggs and to increase the population that is presently threatened around the world.  She too had a dream to live part time in this little paradise.  They worked together to formulate their dreams.

Today, after five years of waiting for the birds to roust, the project has become a people home for international guests. The large bird house can accommodate up to 6 people, families and company clients.

The swallows do continue to fly around the rooftop after their feedings above the rice fields.  they keep our home free of mosquitoes.. as do the ducks and frogs.

Swallow House Trading Company is currently selling Parachute Silk Hammocks, Market bags, Therapeutic Thermal BUM PADs, TUBE Bags, and ParaKites produced by local FAIRTRADE Balinese artisans.

Proceeds of sales will be returned to villagers in the form of reusable market bags and environmental education.

Suzan has learned a lot by working closely with the gracious Balinese people.  They are very giving and do activity for the good of “karma”.  Unfortunately, this small island has been a target in the past for terrorist action.  It is not in the nature of the Balinese people who in the majority are Hindu, to harm any living thing.  It is small international companies founded by individuals like Suzan Badgley, that financially and intellectually assist in helping the island of Bali survive the effects of world change and maintain the rich and ancient culture so many have come to love.