“Salamat datang di REAL Bali, nama saya Wayan, Welcome to the REAL Bali, my name is Wayan. Senang bertumu anda! It’s nice to meet you!
pak-wayan-tour-guide Being a Balinese cultural guide I can share our unique culture with guests from around the world. Perhaps they can take home some of our philosophy to help our world become at peace without war. For example, if the everyone practiced Nyepi, our Balinese New Year ceremony, people would respect the environment and each other more.  We believe in no killing, no cruelty and no jealousy. This way of life is Karma. I wish my children to have a good life. Together with my wife Putri, who creates amazing meals or our foreign guests, we live in my father’s family compound with my two brother’s families. There are a total of 15 families coexisting in harmony in the small village next to our family’s rice field where we raise cows, pigs, and chickens. This is our families “plastic money” the traditional way of making money, a self-sufficient family living like our ancestors. Unfortunately, modernity and tourism has brought price increases and a higher desire for modern things. I strongly hope that my job as a tour guide will help my three children keep our unique culture strong for many generations and live a good and happy life for their karma.”

On tour with Wayan is always a close hearted one!!