Batuan Village, in ancient times, was set up to be center for producing many of the crafts to be sold in Singaraja, Ubud and southern territory.  This still carries on today and maintains the family ethics of helping each other out and teaching the children a skill or trade who enjoy and get money for school supplies.  Your guide will explain about the ancient times when the craftsmen were sent over from Java to make settlements throughout Bali.

There are many small family run work ships run out of the family compound.  Our tour visits the ECO Kite Family and the Egg Painting Family.   They are ingenious families who were thinking outside of the box for their creations as the market for the “standard” craft was saturated and both wanted to develop something new but still keeping with the traditional motifs, environment influences and spiritual characters.

As a refresher, we will stop at a coffee stop with a wonderful traditional atmosphere run by five woman from, the same family to sample some hand-picked coffee and tea beverages!

1.  ECO Kites, Guide Komang Nadma

  • Business started in 1995 by the eldest brother, who unfortunately died 2 years ago, but the younger brother Komang, and sister have taken over the show and now employ 30-40 people and half are family members.
  • Komang flew a kite in the rice fields as a kid and was very  happy, now he teaches his 3 girls to do the same and gets much enjoyment watching them.
  • During the Bali Kite festival, he helps the local banjar/village make kites and they have won several trophies in the competitions over the years
  • To make their ECO Friendly kites, they use recycled material and pay local community members who bring in their plastic bottles like a depot.
  • This family has been featured on the SCTV Art Education program and explained how the kite is made by hand and with heart not from a factory machine.
  • Tour for learning how to make a Balinese Traditional Kite is from 9-2 / max. 10people / price includes kite to take home / bottled water

2.  EGG Family

  • Short visit to see how the young members of the family and village (15 in total, but not like a factory) enjoy spending their time making beautiful decorated eggs.
  • 15 year family business started by the father who thought to use another interesting material for painting and thought about using eggs.  Now, they use duck, chicken, emu, Papua bird, ostrich, crocodile and wood.  (hmmm just thought about where the baby chicks and crocs would go…)
  • One egg can take between one day to one week to finish.

3.  Traditional Family compound Coffee stop

  • 5 woman live here, all family members, and made the house themselves with the old traditional material – bamboo and mud structure with coconut tree foundations, and Alang Alang roofs (this is also possible to see on route how they make the roofs…)
  • Try coffee Luwak, Ginger tea and cacao coffee.
  • Lunch can be arranged prior to tour.  Please email for further details.