Suzan PROFILE I was born in 1962 in North Vancouver, known to locals as “Lotus land”. As a young child, I respected all living things in mountain and ocean environments and, at the age of three when I began to travel, I learned about the diversities and similarities in different cultural settings. When I returned for schooling in Canada six years later, I felt the difficulties refugees face and why they escaped to freedom and equality found in Canada. s75bInfluenced by First Nations People to be one with land & spirit, I began exploring the world on my own, volunteering my services in exchange for food and lodging. After acquiring a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism, and  BA degree in Adult Education, was employed in managerial and teaching positions both in Canada and Asia. I’ve spent many winters in Bali, feeling a sense of home, perhaps a place of past life reincarnation, comforted by the ancient Balinese community culture and karmic ways. Enjoying sharing this knowledge to assist in the betterment of our environment and the beings upon it is my passion.

– Suzan, the Geko suzan badgley international communicator Treker