An Introduction to Munduk Village

Guide’s Story: Nyoman

I’m the six generation of the original people of Mundok who came from the Gobleg kingdom, a strong mountain tribe who migrated after a volcanic eruption that covered their homes and plantations.

When I was a young boy, I heard from my grandfather and the other elders about the Dutch colonial times.  High up on Mundok’s upper road ridge, the Dutch General made his resting place enjoying the view of the valley and Singaraja in the distance. Over time, the Dutch greatly influenced the people and prosperity of Mundok.

I enjoyed learning about the old times, and now, am happy to teach you how the Dutch have brought unique architecture and agriculture to this region of Bali.  Your contribution will also help educate the under privileged children here in Mundok. Part of your payment will go directly to Hold Their Hand (, a small local project started by one of my school mates in this village.  We thank you for your care.


The village of Munduk has a rich history. Legend tells that it was settled by tribes from the mountains who were escaping an invasion of ants. During the 1890’s, Munduk was established as a hill station by the Dutch colonists and plantations of cocoa, coffee, vanilla and cloves were set up above the rolling rice terraces.

Today, Mundok has a population over 6,000 people enjoying a beautiful ECO-friendly mountain village with fresh air, breathtaking views of rolling hills and rice terraces. Off in the distance about an hour’s drive away, one can see the Bali Sea; Lovina town, famous for dolphin tour by fishing boat; and, the old Dutch colonial port and first capital city named Singaraja (an Indonesian word meaning Lion King).

On our walking tour, I’ll take you through the Front and Back streets of Munduk to learn about the colonial times when both the Dutch made retreats in this cool temperate region and converted the landscape into a crop producing area.  While visiting the Dutch Generals Retreat, we learn from the remains of the Colonial architecture how this has influenced the homes of today.  Perhaps you would like to stay in an original colonial site that is now converted into a lovely guesthouse.  Please ask me after placing your booking, if you need help to find such a place to stay.

During our walk, you will see many interesting cultural objects such as the unique blue temple and the wild cock door panel.   Each has a story.  I hope you will ask me many questions along the way.  I hope to teach you about our very detailed Balinese calendar that we use to plan our daily activities.

One activity that is popular in Munduk since ancient times is to enjoy nature’s offerings.  Our walk takes us through the clove forest hills and down to “Red Coral” one of the many waterfalls found around Mundok. The path is well maintained so the local farmers and school children can come and go easily by foot or on their motorbikes.  In the colonial days, the Dutch enjoyed to cool down in these pools and take cover in the shadows of the spice trees.

After our refreshing visit we will head to the Back street to meet my wife’s mother and together you can make a healthy beverage made from fruit and spices in season.  Have you ever tried an avocado cacao milkshake?  Yummm … very healthy.  I am very interested in sharing my passion how nature helps us be strong.  While we enjoy our drink and chat, we can watch the sunset view and far in the distance, see the oldest and tallest Banyan tree in Bali.  Perhaps you will join me the next day for a trekking trip through the rice terraces to experience this sacred tree’s healing vibrations!


  • Meet at your guesthouse in Munduk (We can help with transport reservations to Munduk after reservation is made) at 3pm.  Start walking tour can alter depending on your arrival and check-in times.  Duration approx. 4hrs
  • Bring: Suitable walking shoes, Light rain jacket, Drinking water, Swimsuit & towel if interested in dipping in the pools
  • Please book 7 days  in advance especially in peak season months July-September
  • Max # people is 8


$15 /person. Min 2 people.


  • Walking Guide’s safety supervision, knowledge, and enthusiasm
  • Donation to the village community project to bring educational material and supplies to the poorer mountain children
  • Local gift for you to take home