Welcome to the “Real” Bali at Swallow Guesthouse

Thank you for choosing the Swallow Guesthouse for your experience here in the Ancient Kingdom of Pejeng. We hope the following information can assist in making your stay even more memorable.

Activity Culture

Visitors are most welcome to join family events such as weddings and funerals, and all village temple or community ceremonies. It is a pleasure to have you join the spirit. To show your respect and gratitude, it is very important to wear a sarong and waist scarf when entering the temples at all times and during street processions. Photography is acceptable but, don’t walk in front of the sitting people during prayer time…keep yourself lower than the priest. Please ask Wayan if you are unsure. He can arrange a temple visit in his village and you can accompany him. If you want to give a small donation to the temple or family, that is up to you. There is no pressure to give. If you want to, do so…This is KARMA.

Activity In-House

What else to do while you are there? Feel free to putter around in the garden and pick bananas and other fruit for your meals. Putri can teach you a recipe for a traditional dish so you can pick the herbs and ginger, turmeric and prepare them from scratch. During the day, walk through the fields along the waterways and see how the locals tend their crops. Wayan enjoys taking the guests on nature walks to see how chocolate, coffee, cinnamon and other plants are grown. Enjoy a massage, visit the little village schools, ride a bike around the neighbouring villages, or go for a swim at the river. During the evenings, swing in the hammock in the bale above the kitchen and read . We have a library full of interesting books and DVD’s to watch on your computer or the TV. Don’t worry, there is plenty to do. Or simply sit back and watch the rice grow!

Activity In Village

Pesalakan village is a very traditional village and home to 200 friendly families. They are enjoying the interaction of our guests. Nightly volleyball is practiced in the central road and you will hear the sounds of the gamelan playing in the background. Feel free to walk around the back streets seeing how the locals live.

We are surrounded by rice fields in all directions. Set out and have long rice field walks. Join in the planting or harvesting, pick the ceremony flowers with the workers, take photos of the cute cows looking at you. Be careful it can get slippery in the fields during the rainy season so wear sturdy shoes that can get muddy. One guest from Italy soaked herself in the mud one day – that was quite the scene!!

There is a waterfall not too far away and small country roads to follow to the nearby towns making a loop from one town to another. If you would like a guide, just ask! Putri enjoys sharing where she used to climb down to the Kris river at Champuan (meeting of 3 rivers) to wash her clothes when she was living at her family’s home just a short distance away. There is also a very sacred bathing and a meditation chamber where the ancient Hindu king.


The Swallow Guesthouse is located a little up the hill towards the volcano and Lake District so it is much cooler than being on the beach where you would need an air conditioner. We have a really nice cool breeze that flows through the guesthouse because there are lots of open spaces and wooden carvings that allow the house to breathe. You might need to bring a light sweater for the evenings! There are fans available in the rooms.


We ask that you please NOT feed the animals around the house. If there are any concerns, please tell one of the staff members. The village dogs are barking only and never bite. Don’t look at them in the eye or challenge them as they are not a western domesticated breed. The ones near to the house and on the walking path are now accustomed to us Bolei (foreigner). Snakes look after the mice in the fields. Rat snakes are brown and may be seen in the water ways or along the rice field paths. They are NOT dangerous. If you do see a green snake please tell Made and don’t try to catch it!


PLEASE store all food items and drinks in the refrigerator and clean-up after you prepare any food in the kitchen.

Community Initiatives

Swallow Guesthouse is proud to be ECO friendly and support community members. The house was built and maintained by hand by members in the neighbourhood. {Build Process Photos} Re-cycled wood and building bricks have been used when possible and Wayan’s classmate did the carving. Donations of furniture, plants and fish from Wayan’s family in the beginning were much appreciated. Now we give back by sharing the fruits off our vines and fresh water from our well. A yearly donation is given to the Banjar chief for community development. We consider all environmental impacts and promote environmental friendly activity at the guesthouse.

Contact Information

  • Phone (Wayan): 085-23888-0050 / outside Indonesia 062-85-23888-0050
  • Email (Suzan): / phone when in Bali: 081-337-350737

Drinking Water

We have our own new well water system dug 75m deep. The water has been tested and has many minerals. It is drinkable but it’s recommended to boil it first. The locals come and fill their water bottles with a smile.

ECO Conscious

We are a GREEN GUESTHOUSE and truly aim to assist in community sustainability and environmental stewardship. Please respect the environment in which you live in. To help our village reduce plastic, leave plastic packaging at home where possible and be considerate of your use of gas, laundry soap and toilet paper. Please turn off shower water when soaping as the hot water tank is limited. Do not put any harmful material into the water system and use organic soap when possible. Ask Putri about our ‘Karma Yoga’ program to help the community protect the “Sawa” from the plastic in the waterways.

Education Support

Most children only attend school for 6 years and it is a financial strain on the family for further education. Note books and pens are in short supply. Swallowhouse accepts any donation. If you want to visit the school and give directly to the children, please ask Wayan to arrange for you. We distribute clothing and school supplies to rural communities in Bali. One such community is Munduk where we are assisting Rainbowbend Yayasan (). English text books donated by a Korean university will be given to the disabled children at Yayasan www.lingkarpelangi.comnear Yeh Pulu historical location. If you want to visit, please ask Wayan or Putri to phone Ketut at 081-246 50773. Donations of English story books, school supplies and used clothing are also greatly appreciated by all villagers.


We don’t have phone cable so there is no direct Wifi. We have a phone with a SIM card to use as a tethering point. Please ask Wayan to top up for service. Reception is good as the new town with an antenna is very near.


The shared house kitchen is located in the front and stands alone. Please help yourself to coffee or tea. There is a bottle of water to refill your own bottles. If you are doing your own cooking, organic waste can be added to the garden under the large fruit trees; non-organic goes in the blue bin next to the kitchen or take to the organic farm called “Simantri”, a Balinese government sponsored project for organic farming. Please be respectful of others and clean up after yourselves. This will also help avoid unwanted animals in your soup! Keep all food and sweet smelling soaps and lotions in the refrigerator. If you see an “army” of ants, please tell Made or Putri.

Laundry and Tailor Services

Putri will help in accommodating you to your new home. As the housekeeper, please let her know if anything needs extra cleaning or you would like more towels. Please be ECO conscious and hang your towels in the sun to dry. Fresh towels and sheets are changed every four days.

We support a caring family- run operation, Dharma Laundry, just across from Villa Ubud on the main street. Prices are very reasonable and charged by item. Please put your items in the re-cycled rice bag and give to Putri or drop off on your way to Ubud. Your bed linen is made by a local tailor, and towels donated by guests from Australia. If you would like your favorite shirt or dress duplicated, buy a sarong or two and ask Putri to arrange with the tailor to copy.


Putri, Wayan’s lovely and very talented wife Putri, is our Indonesian chef extraordinaire. Guests continue to say: “This has been my best meal in Bali” and “I want to take her home!” Fortunately for you, she loves Bali and creates large delicious dishes using fresh garden vegetables from our organic garden and local produce bought early in the Pejeng market and organic vegetables and eggs grown in the Simentri farms. Please order 1 day in advance so she can buy the fresh produce in the morning market. If you want to join her and take a cooking lesson, don’t hesitate to ask!

Breakfast is NOT included in the accommodation but Putri can stir up a meal upon request. Lunch or dinner are healthy traditional dishes serving the local cuisine and there is usually left over for a snack. We can accommodate dietary restrictions (diabetic, vegetarian, vegan, food allergies, spice) and there is no MSG or preservatives used. Prices: Breakfast $4/person; Lunch or Dinner $8/p and children under age 6 are free.

Small group Compound Cooking and Cultural classes are now available at the Family Compound located just a 7 minute drive away (or as the bird flies, a 35 minute walk through the rice fields). Help Ma-ma make the coconut oil or share the joy of making the ceremony offerings with the eldest member of the family, Auntie.

Feel free to wander around the village streets and buy fresh fruit and duck eggs at the local warung/shops. The Indonesian diet mainly consists of rice and vegetables dishes with a small amount of fish or meat. If you are wishing to sample the local spicy food, we recommend eating soon after it’s cooked so meal times are best. But truthfully, nothing compares to Putri’s amazing cuisine!


If you would like to experience a massage in your room by one of our highly recommended masseuse, please ask Putri to make an appointment. The charge is 150,000IDR paid directly to the masseuse. We don’t take commission.


There are two Western style medical clinics in Ubud.

  1. Ubud Clinic 24hr call center 0361-974911 / 2799911 located on Jl. Raya Champuhan 36.
  2. Toya Medical Clinic 0361-978078 / 7468151 is located on Jl. Raya Pengosekan and can also come to your hotel.

For minor injury or stomach problems, local natural medicine called “Jamu” is highly recommended. Visitors to Ubud, “the center for healing” often seek the Balinese healer (CLIK TO HEALERS) called a Balian(CLIK HOLY MEN) for assistance as they have spiritual healing abilities.


There are mosquito nets but we really don’t have any of those creatures either… the ducks, frogs, swallows, the odd bat and geckos look after the smaller insects so we are not bothered. There is a mosquito repellent plug-in and repellent located in your room for your use.


Can you hear town noise from the house? NO. You may hear the prayer song from a nearby temple in the distance… Frogs, and crickets… Fire flies. It’s a special place to be immersed in nature. The local people are part of the ecosystem of this special island.

Organic Farm

We are very excited to also be a part of the Balinese sponsored organic program called Simantri which started in 2013. The cows are fed grass daily and their wastes are used in the fields as bio-fertilizer and pesticide. “Integrated Farming Systems Program ( Simantri ) is a program for the welfare of rural farmers and is the only program in accordance with the teachings of Ayurveda Agriculture System containing spiritual values especially in the maintenance of the environment”. Click here for Photos

You can visit the organic garden as well and sample the giant passion fruit donated by Wayan’s father. (PHOTO PA-PA with jack Fruit)

Recycling Wastes

We are a environmentally conscious ECO Guesthouse, to help us with reducing the use of plastic, please leave plastic packaging at home where possible.

Ask Putri where to put your organic material. Please separate your non-organic waste and put into the blue bin next to the kitchen. If you like, you can toss your plastic garbage into the red metal container at the Simantri. Swallow Guesthouse sponsors the pick-up service by Eco Bali-Recycling to ensure the wastes are disposed of by the environmentally conscious organization. (Suzan: Profile)


Booking reviews of your stay really helps potential guests learn about the experiences others have had at the house. Suksuma! Click Here to see Reviews


In Bali the main economic resource is the tourist, therefore, the foreigner is protected and not targeted. There is community policing during ceremonies or activities involving large crowds. Staying at Swallow Guesthouse is very safe. Made is our assistant and security man who turns on the lights at night and keeps an eye on things when nobody is around. For peace of mind, and discouraging local animals, please keep your windows and doors locked when you leave the house and, keep your computers and money out of sight when not in use. We are surrounded by a lovely group of villagers who also care and watch out for you. There has been absolutely no foul play in the 10 years of operation. Click here to views Booking Terms & Conditions

Swallowhouse History

The Swallow Guesthouse is designed with Balinese tradition in mind. All the building, wood carving and furnishings are made by hand by local craftsmen. Guests can feel the warmth and passion that has been given to make this dream home come true. It is suitable for traveling families, writers, artists, biking or trekking groups or people who want a longer term place to create and relax in the peace and quiet of the “REAL” Bali.

Swallowhouse was originally built in 2005 to house and protect the Swiftlet Swallow that are endangered due to the increase demand of their nests. However, the local swallows have only been seen flying around and occasionally resting on the roof to groom themselves. In 2006 we decided to convert the guardhouse into a one-room traditional style Balinese guesthouse with beautiful hand- carved panels. Later, a gazebo was erected above the kitchen for guests to relax in the shade with a panoramic view, and a filtered water system and lotus fishpond were added for hot/cold fresh water showers. In 2009, we expanded our home and converted the swallow housing area into more bedrooms and bathrooms.

It’s been a fun on-going project that has impressed all who visit. Today it’s become a place admired and talked about by many from around the world. We hope the Swallow Guest House increases in popularity to provide locals and guests a chance to enhance experiences and their dreams in Bali. Click here to view our Building Projects… or email me if you prefer a PDF)

Transportation – Car

If you require Airport or Hotel pick-up service, please email your flight time of arrival and aircraft carrier’s name, or hotel name, room number if available and phone number and we will come and meet you. Wayan will be the one with the big smile on his face and your names on a paper. Please have Airport Pick-up Fee 300,000IDR) available in Indonesian currency to give to Wayan upon your arrival. The airport money changers are good but COUNT YOUR MONEY! If you are arriving in the morning or early afternoon, you may want to organize a day tour prior to arriving at the Guesthouse. Our certified drivers from the community are from the Taxi Driver’s Association and charge standard rates.

Transportation – Scooter

Although it is not within walking distance to Ubud, many guests go daily for yoga classes or meals out and say that it’s always nice to return back from the crowded touristy streets. However, we are in a local village, public transportation is limited. Shuttle service is available for standard taxi prices of $10/one-way or for budget travelers, ride on the back of Putri or Wayan’s scooter for short trips to Ubud for $5/trip. If you are going to want to be in Ubud every day, we suggest to rent a motorbike or car to get to town. Reasonable prices are available for daily/weekly/monthly rental. Bicycle rental is also available for exploring the quiet country roads.

Transportation – Directions to Swallow Guesthouse

  1. Head straight through Arjana statue along the small road following the Ubud Villa signs to Pejeng market,
  2. turn right and you will be on Jalan Tampaksiring.
  3. Turn right at the top of the hill and the Ubud Villa will be on your left.
  4. Continue straight and then left at the T-intersection.
  5. Follow the road up the small hill and it will curve to the right at the top. This heads to Pesalakan Banjar. You will see our sign on your right just before the village and the Swallow Guesthouse (270m) on the right side, standing next to one other private villa in the rice fields tucked behind the tall coconut and banana trees alongside the river.
  6. Park your bike alongside the field and take a short walk to the house along the rice field path. You can ride your motorbike in but it’s fun to stroll and awaken your senses to the sights and sounds of the fields. Click here to view Map
  7. Please ask Wayan to assist you in renting the bike with helmet. Rates are 50,000/day.

Transportation – Tour

We would like to offer your clients a taste of the “REAL BALI”. Wayan is a 15 year experienced guide who loves sharing his unique culture to our guests and he has a wonderful karma about him. Please discuss with Wayan on your arrival your interests and he can organise a schedule to experience cultural and artist tours, trekking and biking, volcano and beach excursions, and of course Hindu temple experience. Terima kasih! Click here to view Wayna’s Tours

Travel Insurance

Swallow Guesthouse advises our customers who wish to stay with us to purchase their own travel and health insurance. We do not take any responsibility for injury or loss of goods. Some waterways are along the side of the house so please be careful. We further reserve the right to charge guests upon departure for any broken or misplaced Swallow Guesthouse possessions.


If you run out of cooking gas in the kitchen, please inform Putri, or the lady who runs the first shop on the left side in the village (point to the green gas bottles in her shop). Electricity may cut out now and then so please be patient. It normally returns in less than an hour. There are candles located in your room.


Generally, there are two seasons, wet and dry. However in recent years, the rains have been more predominant with light afternoon showers – refreshing. Lightning and thunder storms are amazing! Temperatures remain constant all year but it’s hotter near to the sea and cooler in the volcanic area. Ubud and Pejeng are centrally located with about 22-30 degrees Celsius year round.

You Hosts Wayan, Purti, and Suzan