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Bali is my healing ground. I’m surrounded by very spiritual, calm people who don’t know the concept of harming… anything, even the multitudes of ants that come in various sizes, colours and drive me crazy as they seem to get everywhere – oum…

Ubud, the tourist town 20 minutes from the Swallow Guesthouse is the centre of healing. According the historical data records, the artists, healers and gurus were sent here from Java when the Hindu Kingdom moved and the Muslim prevailed. At that time, the Kingdom didn’t like what was going on with the wars of religion so decided to make a Trinity and joined the three local religions of the migrating people together, Buddhism, Hindu Siva Hindu Buddha. The capital was located in Pejeng, where we are established. This area is also and rumored to have a very ancient migration of non-violent seekers from the Buddhist lands of Thailand. Records of this can be seen in the Museum of Archaeology.


Maybe that’s why I like it here and feel a sense of belonging to this ancient culture with ethics similar to the First Nations People back home in Canada. It’s all very inviting for me and I get shivers of joy just being in the presence of those who are in commune with the surrounding spirits and natural environment. I really want to share this karmic experience.

Bali is an ancient and mystical place. It provides the visitor a chance to feel and experience the energetic powers of human communion with nature and spirit. As a result, a vortex for those seeking spiritual growth & healing has been created.

Can we help you experience this?

Guesthouse proprietor Suzan Badgley joined her “Balinese Brother” Pak Wayan, Guest Services Manager, to create and share this “Project” involving an affordable ECO Friendly Swallow Guesthouse and Cultural Experiential Tours with inquisitive minds from around the world.