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Renovations Work Week 1

Nov 28, 2008

I arrived on the scene to find the renos abandoned after Wayan’s unfortunate incident. The upper floor rebar and cement was layed and the walls broken to make room for windows. Rain was seeping in and out of all openings. I quickly gave the go ahead to hire back the contractor and continue with “Phase Two”.


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Aqua ducts irrigate the “sawa” (ricefield) throughout Bali. A bypass brings water along the side of the property to the fish pond, through our filtration system, pumped up into a

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holding tank for pressurized toilet and wash water. The pond was emptied of sludge – good for the orchard, herb and veggy gardens – and reinforced with brick and cement.

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An access for cleaning was made. Later the marble tile, courtesy of Wayan’s Dutch client and friend and a carved wooden door (thanks Wayan)will be set into place to form the lower patio.

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I drew plans, working with what was left from the original walls and windows. Downstairs bedroom with 2 single beds, large open hallway leading to stairs.

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The exterior wall will be extended outwards to make room for an outdoor toilet and shower. The large bathroom will be used by upstairs guests as well.

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Made, our watchman and helper, is the assistant worker to the Chief Worker–who I mistakenly called Mr. duck!


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Upstairs has a magnificent 360º view.

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Upstairs “clak-clak” door will go here.

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I hope to create a relaxed suite or studio.

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Community Helpers, assigned and paid by the Village Chief work till dark. Fun day as we all helped the project.

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Earlier this year 2 Are behind the house slopping down to the creek was bought.

NewLand & Chicken House
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Wayan and Made have made a simple storage bungalow and vegetable garden.

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Good spot for solitude with a babbling brook below &chicks, field mice, birds…