Putri and Wayan were born and raised in two separate villages in Pejeng, but within walking distance if you take the rice field path. Pejeng is the spiritual centre of the ancient Hinduism and Buddhism of Indonesia known today as Hindu Dharma. They met  in 1997, glanced at each other from across the temple grounds and love at first sight!! A Romeo and Julia story, or the Hindu Rama and Shita Hindu love story. Now happily married with three children: Tiari the beautiful dancer is now graduating from Hospitality University and hopes to manage a hotel in Bali; Satria, studies several languages and hopes to guide foreign guests or work on a cruise ship: and young Pujunga, practices Kungfu, plays the traditional Gamelan drums and dreams to be a bartender. Swallow Guesthouse has enabled higher education to become a reality in the family. Wayan grew up number five of his siblings and left home to gather money selling kites to tourists on Sanur beach.  Admired by a beach hotel he started to clean cars and was taught to be a tourist driver. Back home to Tarukan to care for parents, the youngest son’s responsibility, Wayan climbed the ladder to be top taxi driver for Champuan Hotel in Ubud. He learned a lot while touring dignitaries and royalty from around the world. Today, despite encountering a stroke at the young age of 36, he continues to arrange tour programs for guests. Wayan loves to share culture, eager to provide great service and, a big sparkling smile. Putri, his beautiful supportive wife, is Wayan’s admirable companion caring very much for her children and extended family members. Traditional cooking was taught by Wayan’s mom which Putri creates the delicious dishes for guests with love and care. Now teaching other family members the recipes, Putri and team have quite the reputation and occasionally cater to expats in the Ubud area. Ceremony obligation has Putri very busy but her dedication and pureness have given her spiritual reputation as well. It was her responsibility to carry on her head the Creator Vishnu God back to the family temple during the 100 year temple ceremony. Guests are well looked after by dedicated individuals with passionate hearts