Guide’s Story: KETUT

My trust is about meditation and my religion.  To me, meditation means not just keeping your means peaceful but to control emotion without material imagination.  It’s all about keeping the brain in silence.  From a long time ago, if people had some sickness, they went to the Balian because here in Bali, we believe the spirit and god influence our health.  Eight years ago, I took my father to the main hospital in Singaraja because he had burns all over his body.  He stayed for many months but nothing happened so I brought him to the Balian who gave him traditional medicine made by a type of tree.  He was better in two weeks!  Fantastic!   It’s a good idea to try to explain to foreigners the traditional way to be healthier by spirit.

What Is A Balian?

Balian, or medium, can “see” and cure illnesses arising from supernatural, social, physical, environmental and psychological conditions that prevent the body’s own immune system from fighting the illness. Balinese believe illness is due to three causes: karma, black magic and imbalance.  To receive information, the Balian may use palm leaf manuscripts, trance messages from the gods, ancestors or spirits, or divine gifts like a piece of cloth, jewel or kris (sacred knife).  Then heals in the sense that she or he aims at restoring balance in the individual (microcosm) and, indirectly, in the universe (macrocosm).  The religious goal of Balinese Hindu urges to maintain harmony because the human body and the universe originated from the same five elements of life, earth, water, fire, air, and space/ether. Disruption of harmony is disruption of life.


I invite you to experience the healing spirit in the hills behind the touristy area of Amed.

  • Start from Giant Holy Banyan tree
  • Walk approx. 1 hr into the hills sparsely populated with small rural farming homes
  • Perform offering ritual in 5-sacred Holy Springs and be amazed at their tastes
  • Try healing ailments with Holy clay (detoxing skin, rheumatism…)
  • Learn about cashew plantation and assist is seasonal activity where possible
  • Enjoy a Balinese style lunch at Putri’s Village Warung before driving back into the hills
  • Healing session in Balian Spiritual Healer`s home with 9 children and lovely wife
  • After session, walk in silence in valley hills for an after healing meditation practice


  • 9am Pick-up at your hotel in Amed drive to Bangle Valley
  • Return by car to your hotel  approx. 6 hours  later
  • Bring a sun hat, sarong and tie for waist, sunscreen and carry plenty of drinking water.  Walking shoes are recommended
  • Longer volunteer opportunity available.  Please email for details.
  • Tours are available all year
  • Please book 7 days or more in advance especially in peak tourist months from July-September and Dec. 15 – Jan 15.
  • NOTE: Donation suggested to the Holy Springs Temple is 10,000IDR/p and, to the Balian is 100.000IDR/p


$45 for 1st guest,
10 for each additional person


  • Transportation A/C Van and driver with Guide fees and expertise!
  • Offerings to temple and incense
  • Lunch