Wayan and I have enjoyed designing and building a affordable people friendly “luxury” guesthouse.  We hired local craftsmen and workers who put TLC (tender loving care) into their work.  One can feel the hands of joy.

“New Land” was purchased in June to allow room for the supplies, an organic garden was planted, the “Meditation Hut” was erected (chickens love this area) and, bricks were torn out to allow rebar and cement to make a platform between the floors.

Unfortunately, all stopped when Wayan, as young as he is, had a stroke.  He is now recovering extremely well, walking, talking and helping with the decisions.  We decided to continue with our contractor and a team of eight workers.

An appropriate “start a project” date from the Balinese calender was chosen and this is how it went:

Work Week 1: Starting November 18th Work Week 2: December 14th Work Week 3 Work Week 6: January 19th Ending January 22nd Ending January 30th Other Happenings in January Renos Ending February 13th Final Completion April 11th

And, to see how it all started in 2003 In the very beginning…


Doctor said he will have a 95% recovery of his stroke by the end of the year.  We all believe that Wayan’s positive energy and spiritual devotion has assisted him in his speedy recovery.  He says thanks for your shared love and concerns.