Amed ECO Experiential Walking Tours


History of Amed

Volcanic eruption extended the land forming the dry, rocky outcrops of Amed in 1963 during a Balinese ceremony that only comes around once every 100 years. At the height of the festival, Mount Agung blew its top sending huge flaming boulders and red hot lava as far Amed, a good 15 km away. Locals believe dispute over timing was wrong and angered the gods, causing the Mother Mountain to erupt. It took 10 years for the people to begin resettling the Amed area. Today, it is a sleepy fishing village, with black sand, lava stone, and steep shores leading into the water where an abundant of coral and sea life avails for fishers and snorkelers.

Alternative Tours in Amed with cousins

Guide: Ketut Kariawan (Marcel)
Assistant Guide: Putu Sudiarta (Bubu)
Catering Supervisor: Komang (Putri) Oktapiani


Guide Ketut will meet you at your guesthouse in the morning at the scheduled time. Please be ready in the front reception area. Bring a sun hat, sarong, sunscreen and carry plenty of drinking water. If you are interested in snorkeling into the coral gardens off the shores, then bring along your swimming suit and towel. Rental gear is available. Together you will return to your hotel at end of adventure. Maximum guests on our Amed Exploratory Hands-on Tours are 8. If you want to have a private tour, please ask to reserve the booking (minimum pricing of 4 people is charged). Tours are available all year even in the rainy season! Please book 7 days or more in advance especially in peak tourist months from July-September.

Letter From Ketut to Suzan

Thank you for your helping … I am proud with your kindness to help local community here by joining together to make Amed clean from the plastic rubbish.   I really appreciate this amazing plan to join together for keep Bali green and have nature without the plastic rubbish.  I’ve been looking for long time to make this project in this area.  For a long time I am trekking everywhere in Bali and sad with our nature because still I see the plastic rubbish everywhere making nature ugly.  I am lucky to meet and speak with you here so we can help this problem someway.

I enjoy helping the local schools teach the children how to clean local tourist areas so they continue to come.

It is my hope to join with my cousin, Putu and sister Putri make a project to show the tourists the beautiful nature of Amed and to help the next generation see why this is a good reason to maintain the tourism industry.  Together, we want to offer a chance for them to explore the regions away from the touristy sites with real local people and learn about the culture and struggles that exist to maintain it.  This is my dream.