“POP” Project Objectives:

1. To assist farmers in selling their organic produce to organic markets, restaurants and private villas needing quality, fresh produce to meet demands by foreigners.

2. To provide alternative methods and material for the local markets to reduce the amount of plastic “sold” with products.

3. To find sponsorship or donation for the placement of central waste recycling facility and reputable, honest removal service (bypassing the illegal dumping that is happening down the street!!)

4. To bring qualified English educators and environmental professionals into the classrooms to work with local teachers to provide solid environmental and English conversation programs.

“The word plastic is understood and with gestures I usually manage to explain that it is not good for our food and for our children. I notice elder people, maybe shy about the language barrier, asking their neighbours to find out if they know what I am up to. Some people point at my collection bag asking: “plastic?” When I confirm they say: ” Plastic. No good!” Now it is usual for several people to make a remark and smile where initially they looked puzzled. And occasionally someone says;”thank you!”. And then one morning I walk along the path… and am surprised as there is hardly anything to be picked up! I like to think that maybe one or more of the local people also take a turn.

Vancouver, Canada
Swallow Guesthouse Guest – Oct. 2012

  • Swallow House Trading is assisting in the marketing, sales and media promotion of the cacao produced by the families of Pesalakan. Further organic product such as clove, vanilla, papaya and avocado, will be brought to the Organic Markets and ECO Store in Ubud in the future.
  • Publications article regarding the promotion of Fair-Trade and organic farming involving POP is currently found at http://www.indonesiaorganic.com
  • Today, “POP” with the assistance of Swallow house trading and Indonesia Organics has linked with Freemite. An Indonesian company producing an organic termite pest control product. Pasta will be the representative for sales to Ubud Villa’s and Hotels.

Supporting Assistance From:

Our ancestors viewed the’ earth as rich and bountiful, which it is. Many people in the past also saw nature as inexhaustibly sustainable, which we now know is the case only if we care for it.

- His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet
An Ethical Approach