September Guest I returned to Japan yesterday. I always start to miss Bali right after left Bali.  This is my impression about the Swallow house.

Environment: I really love walking down the winding path to Swallowhouse from the main road, under rambutan tree and see gecko flee in to the grass.   I learn up close how water is distributed to each rice patty.   I see locals place offerings on the rice paddies and pray, people pass through the path to work on their rice paddies, kids smile and say ‘hi!’. …It’s very fun to find, see and feel those small things when I take one step out of the house.

Room and Facilities: One of my favorite spots is the small space that faces rice paddies.  I always feel like walking into rice paddies barefoot.  I don’t worry I can get hot water while washing my hair, and room is clean, no need AC. Also unlimited internet connection with low price, too.

Hospitality: I really enjoy just being here, chat or eat with some old local friends, and also new people.   Putri picked me up from Ubud, cooked delicious lunches…she is always trying to help me and is very kind.  Wayan and Putri are willing to tell and show  many things about Balinese life, culture, customs. I really sorry that I couldn’t have stayed longer this time.

This place is very nice place to be away from crowds, spend slow and quiet time with alot of nature.

Your friend,

Yoshiko, Tokyo Japan
I Really Enjoy Just Being Here