For the month of May 2009 Thank you Suzan, this is a very charming place.  I’m very pleased with it.  Peace and quiet, very beautiful environment and friendly staff, that’s perfect! Wow!  We would like to thank you for this nice and relaxing guesthouse.  Your team (Wayan, Putri and Made) is very lovely, friendly, available and helpful.  I wish you the best for the future with many new tourists!

The only thing that some tourists might find difficult is the “extreme sports” at times, trying to manage with the motorbike on the muddy pathway leading to the Swallow house.  It has been raining almost every day lately, and it’s a little bit difficult to drive.

Please find attached a few pictures that Ennog took. I hope you will like them.  You will see the kitchen outside, on the terrace.  Unfortunately, he didn’t get the chance to take the pictures inside, but I visited the place with Wayan and it’s very beautiful, especially the open air bathroom.  Very nice!  Good job.

Wayan has started to drive a car but only a little bit.  He has not recovered completely yet from his heartstroke.  But he’s doing better and better.

I’m leaving with good memories from the Swallow guesthouse,

Thank you again!

Isabelle and Ennog, Quebec Canada
A Very Charming Place